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Pools and Your Pets

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Summer is on the way! This means people will start opening their pools for the season. With this comes the thought on everyone's mind: How do I keep my loved one's safe? Pools can be a safety hazard to anyone, including your pets! It is important to keep a few tricks up your sleeve to ensure your pets can enjoy the summer safely. 
Inground pools can be tricky. It is easy for your pet to hop in, but it might not be so simple for them to get back out. There should always be a known way for your pet to get themselves out of the water. Having a ramp will enable your pet to save themselves if necessary. These ramps clamp to the edge of the pool and are angled down into the water. The ramps should be white, as this color is seen by all living creatures. Having a ramp will not only help your pet, but wild animals as well! 

Let's face it, some dogs just have a hard time keeping themselves afloat in the water. Near lakes and rivers, they are able to wade near the edge, but that is not always the case with a pool. That is why having a life jacket on your pet is a must! Life jackets come in various sizes and styles to suit any pets needs. The buckles adjust to fit your pet securely and the bright color options keep your pet visible in the water! The most useful feature is that the life jacket has a handle at the top, making it easy for you to grab ahold to get your pet out of the water. 

Maybe your pet needs to stay away from the water altogether. Fencing your pool in is the best option in this situation. With so many fencing options, there is no need to sacrifice atheistic for safety! If you are taking a less expensive route, there are temporary fences you can put up on your own. These are usually vinyl or mesh with easy-up instructions.


Of course if you are going for a permanent look, there are beautiful wrought-iron, steel, and glass options that a professional can do for you as well!

Is your pooch pampered? Do you never let them out of your sight? A pool raft for your pup is the way to go! These dog floats from SwimWays are awesome because the mesh inlay lets your pet soak in the water, while the raft siding keeps them floating! Plus, you do not have to worry about your pets nails popping this raft! SwimWays ensures their product is "paw- and claw-friendly." Do you travel with your pet? The SwimWays Dog Float folds into a compact carrying case to take on the go!

The best defense is a good offense, right? Being prepared in the case of an emergency is the best way to make sure one never happens. It is so important for every pet owner to know CPR. Before the season really heats up, read over the procedures or take a CPR course. You will be glad you did!

Now get out there and enjoy the summer with your best friend!

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