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5 Gifts to Give This Easter Instead of a Bunny

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Spring has finally sprung and that means Easter is right around the corner! I love a good egg hunt and have not grown out of finding prizes hidden from my mom! Around Easter time, families feel like it may be a good idea to give a bunny as a gift. This year, I want to stress the importance of NOT giving an animal as a gift!

The initial surprise is great, but when reality kicks in, a lot of these little guys are given up to shelters. I want to share five ideas to give this Easter, instead of a bunny!

1. Melissa & Doug Plush Burrow Bunny Rabbit

Melissa & Doug is known for its quality, old school toys. This stuffed bunny has super soft fur in such a pretty color. You could gift this bunny to your child or to yourself as an Easter decoration! 

2. Herbivore Clothing "Good Luck Elephant" Patch

Tell me you didn't go out and buy a denim jacket this season and I might not believe you! I love that patches for denim jackets are making a comeback. This Herbivore Clothing elephant patch is so bright, stitch it to a sleeve or on the front pocket to make a major impact!

3. IMAD Jewelry Pyrite Pendant Necklace

IMAD has several gifts ready for any holiday! What is better than a stand out pendant necklace that gives back to animals? Pick your favorite dog breed or endangered animal bronze pendant and pair it with a wire wrapped raw piece of pyrite. Talk about a statement piece!

4. Moo Free Chocolate Egg

Moo Free manufactures chocolate that is vegan, gluten free, and organic! All products are created from rice milk in a completely dairy free environment. Even the packaging is ethically sourced! PETA definitely approves.

5. Terrarium

In keeping with the spring theme, terrariums are a fun gift that is so easy to care for! They are an interest factor for any room that adds a pop of color. There are terrarium kits online or you can find the pieces and create your own! Go as simple as white sand with air plants or get creative with wood pieces, gem stones, and flowering plants. The sky is the limit with these!

Remember, this year if you are going to give a bunny as a gift, make sure it is a stuffed one!

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